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All About Me

  Howdy everyone! Thanks for visiting my page. Here's a little information about me, my life, and my interests.

  • My hometown: Lakeland & Bartow, Florida
  • My current residence: M√ľnster, Germany
  • Marital Status: happily married to a very cool and neat girl named Katie (or Kathi, as she is known in Germany)
  • Pets: one hamster named April
  • Hobbies: learning to enjoy lots of different kinds of music, game development, pixel art, sound experimentation, synthesis, songwriting, videogames, making fun youtube videos
  • Favorite Famous People: Jesus, Mr. Rogers, Brian Eno, Miyamoto, Lee "Scratch" Perry


  One of my favorite things to do is make videogames. I primarily focus on games that you can play on a computer as opposed to a phone, tablet, or game console. I like the games that I create to be uplifting or edifying in some way. I'm not opposed to violent games, but for my own peace, there must be something in what I create that can possibly help the people who enjoy it. 

  • Hypnospace Outlaw
    • Hypnospace Outlaw is an 'alternate-reality operating system simulator' in which players police a sprawling fake-internet and tinker with a robust fake operating system. I am the lead designer, artist, and sound person while Mike Lasch co-designs and handles programming duties. Hypnospace Outlaw will be released for PC, Mac, and Linux in 2018. You can pre-order it here.
  • Dropsy
    • Dropsy is a point and click Adventure game created in collaboration with A Jolly Corpse and published by Devolver Digital. It was released in August of 2015 and received many positive reviews. Official Website


  The only creative activity I enjoy more than making videogames is making music. The music I create utilizes the 'studio as instrument' philosophy, so don't expect to hear or see me perform any of my works live with any regularity. I enjoy the process of recording, sound manipulation, and sound synthesis far more than the act of making music in a live setting. You can find most of my albums on my Bandcamp page.

Other Projects

  • Videogame Lookclub
    • Videogame Lookclub is an open group for playing, discussing, and promoting overlooked independent computer games. More information can be found at the main website, here: (PROJECT TEMPORARILY ON HOLD)

Contact Me

Jay's Twitter   |   Jay's Facebook   |   Email Jay


  • Pixelation - The forum where I learned Pixel Art back in 2001-2004. The forum is still running, and is still just as helpful and inclusive.
  • Clickteam - Purveyors of fine game making software such as Klik & Play, The Games Factory, Multimedia Fusion, and now Clickteam Fusion. If it wasn't for this company, I'd likely not be making games today.
  • Devolver Digital - The company that published Dropsy. A fantastic group of people doing good work in the independent game space. They take risks on weird games. If they didn't, I'd still be eating PB&J for dinner at my dad's house after telemarketing all day.
  • A Jolly Corpse - Jesse and David of A Jolly Corpse co-developed Dropsy with me. They saved ol' Dropsy from certain doom. I love these guys.
  • Mike Lasch - The programmer of Hypnospace. He's a great person to work with and has lots of great videogame design sense.
  • Theory GeorgiouA friend and frequent collaborator. We're very slowly working on an unannounced project that I'm quite excited about.
  • Chris Schlarb - The composer of the soundtrack for Dropsy. His solo records are fantastic, and he runs a neat music studio in California called Big Ego.