12 Things Only 90's Kids Will Understand

1. Singing Karaoke to an empty house with your dog, Eughh
2. Painting faces on things, then dreaming about those things being your best friends
3. Communicating with twitchy, snack-cake addicted birds though an intuitive visual dialogue system
4. Having surreal dreams that provide esoteric clues about your mysterious past
5. Waking up from said dreams.
6. Pogs
7. Storing things in your pants
8. Hanging out in the kitchen of you and your father's ramshackle circus tent turned home
9. Suppressing horrible memories of the fire that took your mother's life and changed yours forever
10. Exploring a vast, detailed, Lynchian dreamworld
11. Aerobics!
12. Loving a world that despises you through hugs, childlike trust, and facepaint
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