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2021-01-24 08:28:16

Jay, your art is super refreshing and has inspired me to finally take the jump and start designing my own games. How did you get your start, and what advice would you give to a beginner developer?

By Cam

disc.png That's neat to hear. I'm glad you enjoy my work. I got my start by simply downloading freeware as a teenager and tinkering around with it. I'd given up on being a 'professional game developer' in round 2005 when I dropped out of High School. Back then there was no real indie game market to speak of, so either you get a degree of some sort and work for an AA/AAA studio or hang it up. Thankfully my tinkering paid off a few years later once the indie thing kicked off in 2009ish.

If you're primarily an artist or audio person and are sticking to 2D I'd suggest starting with an 'easier' engine like Game Maker Studio, Construct 3, Stencyl, or Clickteam Fusion. It's rewarding to be able to drop art or audio into a project and see it do things without as much fiddling. There's still quite a learning curve even with these programs but there are excellent tutorials on YouTube for all of them.

I suppose my last bit of advice is to start by completing a few tiny games before jumping to your dream project. Also maybe release them on itch.io or GameJolt just to that nice rewarding experience of putting something out there.