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2021-01-24 06:12:11

I loved Hypnospace Outlaw! Absolutely phenomenal stuff. I wanted to ask about some "final goodbye update" that was mentioned in a few places. Is that still happening or was that hearsay? Not that the current game isn't good enough, but I would still love to see more Hypnospace. I know some game devs that don't like or can't answer questions like that, so I'm sorry if this is one of those cases.

PS: Thanks for porting to Switch! I can't really run games on my laptop but some small streamer was like "play hypnospace outlaw, that is all" and I've been wanting to play since. I can't tell you how happy I was to see the trailer appear in the Indie World.

By Pranav

disc.png I'm glad you were able to finally enjoy it! It's surprisingly demanding given its look.

We're in the early stages of our next project right now which has a relatively tight schedule, so in the immediate future there won't be an update. It could definitely still happen, though it may be better for us to roll some of those ideas into the next thing.